3 Great Gifts for Friends and Family


Anyone searching for gifts that can bring happiness and comfort to their loved ones may wish to look for innovative gifts that touch the heart and memory. Here are three great gifts that will be appreciated forever.

1. Digital Picture Frame

High-resolution digital photo frames are trendy because they display snapshots most innovatively. For instance, the NIX Advance – a Hi-Resolution (1024×768)and LED Backlit Display Digital Photo Frame with a Motion Sensor (X08E)- can be turned on when someone enters a room and later turned off as he or she departs.

In the slideshow, videos and photos can be mixed and viewed hands free. This terrific gift comes in various screen sizes: 8, 10, 12, 15, and 17.3 inches, ranging in cost from around $80-$200.

For sale at Bestbuy.com

2. Picture Puzzles

Pictures and picture frames are often on the lists of gifts for nearly all ages. Nowadays there are many creative ways in which photos can be presented. One of these ways to create your own picture puzzle.

Youngsters who have an interest in photography and artistic details will especially delight in seeing the picture of a loved one or of themselves placed in pieces that they must assemble.

Then, too, adults with senses of humor or an enjoyment of artistic ventures and in completing puzzles will also enjoy piecing together photos of themselves. As great hands-on ways to enjoy gifts, these photo puzzles start around $20.00 for the 8×10 that comes in 100 pieces. The largest puzzle available is in 1040 pieces.

3. Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have remarkable calming effects upon those with conditions which disturb their sleep. These ample blankets that measure 48 inches x 72 inches can be ordered for both children and adults since they are designed according to a person’s weight.

For instance, for children the blanket weighs 10 pounds; for someone between 100-150 pounds, the blanket weighs 15 pounds; and for someone 151-200 pounds, the blanket weighs 20 pounds. The highest weight is a 25-pound blanket. In the summer months, the inner blanket can be separated and used as a lighter blanket. This original gift idea can transform the fatigued and frustrated person who has trouble sleeping into one who is relaxed and contented.

A weighted blanket is also a great sleep aid for people who are overly sensitive to conditions in their environments such as those who have autism, attention deficit disorders, anxiety, and insomnia. These blankets can be used to cover the body or to cover parts of the body such as the feet or legs.

Weighted blankets can be used to calm a person in the same way as a good hug or warm pet often does. Furthermore, a gift of a weighted blanket can provide comfort with its warmth in the winter and its coolness in summer. It may not be needed every night, but it is there whenever security or reassuring warmth are desired for a good night’s rest.

Weighted blankets are available on Amazon and Etsy.


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