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There are many series that continue to stick around like Mario, Call of Duty, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto while others are left on the backburner. Here we will took a look 5 different series that could use a welcomed return. Numbered for convenience and keeping track, no particular order:

1. Star Fox

Star is a great series that seems to get overshadowed by other Nintendo franchises and that is a shame because most of Star Fox’s career has been filled with quality games. The last original game in the series was Star Fox: Command for the DS in 2006. The Wii, for Star Fox was completely skipped as far any new releases were concerned. Hopefully that will change for the Wii U. At least the 3DS received Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of the 64 game which was great, but Star Fox fans would love a new game. And please Nintendo, give us a proper Star Fox game. Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube was nice but another spin-off that doesn’t build on Star Fox’s traditional shooting game play probably wouldn’t be a good idea. Namco did a great job with Star Fox Assault, maybe outsource the development to them again?

Likely to return?: Chances are pretty good. A lot of Nintendo franchises have been dormant for years, only to come back like Donkey Kong Country and Kid Icarus. And Nintendo did show interest by putting Star Fox 64 3D on the 3DS.

2. Breath of Fire

Capcom’s JRPG series has been MIA since Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter was released on the Playstation 2 in 2003. Breath of Fire may be standard JRPG fare for the first game up until IV but they are excellent games. Then Dragon Quarter came and fandom split because it was so different from the other games in the series.  To many, a sequel in either style would be welcomed but it would probably be best to start off by going back to Breath of Fire’s roots if the series is to return. Then maybe give us a Dragon Quarter 2 for those that want it, which could be a waste because those of us who like Dragon Quarter seem to be in the minority. A PSN/XBLA release would fit well for a new old school entry for the franchise and would please a lot of people.

Likely to return?: Low. Capcom has a lot of franchises and they don’t seem particulary interested in Breath of Fire anymore.

3. No One Lives Forever

The Operative: No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s way were two great PC shooters created by Monolith Productions in 2000 and 2002. The games had a lot game play options presented to the player with the choices of being deadly, sneaky, or getting by using gadgets in a 1960s spy setting. Monolith has done great things since with F.E.A.R and Condemned but a return to NOLF would be great. Especially now, with games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dishonored finding success. The first thing would be to get the first two games easily available on DD sites like Steam or GOG.

Likely to return?: Moderate. Similar styled games(game play-wise) have done well lately so NOLF3 could possibly have a good chance of being greenlit.

4. Vampire the Masquerade

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was released back in 2004 for the PC and sure it was flawed, but it brought some great ideas to the table. Players chose a vampire clan and had many options to play through the action RPG as they wanted. It was a big departure from the fairly standard Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. A new game in the same setting with a bit more polish and a bigger world comparable to Fallout or Elder Scrolls would be incredible. Sales were fairly poor though as the game was over-shadowed by the release of Half-Life 2.

Likely to return?: Very low. The sales for Bloodlines didn’t satisfy Activision and developer Troika shut down. Who knows the though, the game has received more attention and sales on DD services but it’s probably too late. Activision has other franchises like Call of Duty to focus on.

5. Klonoa

Starting with Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, the Klonoa series is one of the best platforming series that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The series has received several sequels(mostly handheld) and the last release was a remake, Klonoa for the Wii in 2008. With great looking visuals, excellent 2.5D platforming, and clever puzzles; the series doesn’t deserve to be forgotten about. With digital releases becoming more popular maybe we could see a smaller scale release similar to the PS1 original or the Gameboy Advance sequels.

Likely to return?: Moderately low. The Klonoa franchise just may not have a big enough fanbase for Namco to bother. Chances are somewhat decent though that he may return in one form or another. Namco did stick with him for four main games after all.

Any of these series could make a comeback of course. A lot of series that have been lying dormant have either gotten announced sequels or successful Kickstarters. Some of those being Carmageddon, Shadowrun, Wasteland, and possibly Zone of the Enders. A year ago, all or most of those might have been seen in this list.

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Plays games and investigates the paranormal mostly. Still parties like it's 1999.

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