8 Jill Scott Songs That Redefine Female Sexuality

8 Jill Scott Songs That Redefine Female Sexuality
Credit: BET.com
8 Jill Scott Songs That Redefine Female Sexuality
Credit: BET.com

Jill Scott’s sexuality is an important demonstration of womanhood. Never have we seen a woman of thick proportions with bombastic natural hair sing about sex in such a soothing and raw way. Often female sexuality is packaged and GMO-ed for the masses. However, Jill completely owns her sexuality without shame. You can hear it throughout her lyrics and the musical syncopation of each syllable sung. Here are eight Jill Scott songs that redefine female sexuality.

Celibacy Blues

There’s no one who can make celibacy sound sexy like Jill Scott can. We all try…well most of us try to abstain from making bad choices with our genitals. But sometimes you have an itch that needs to be scratched. Scratch that itch Jill like a DJ scratching vinyl.

Best line: “I get some new batteries almost every night”






Crown Royal

This song could have easily fell into the cliché nodes of neo-soul, but its lyrics prevented it. Somehow it’s still less watermelon and more Crown Royal on ice. There’s nothing more you can say about this song but to pour you and your lover a nice one, lay back and enjoy. Liquored sex never sounded so appealing.

Best line: “Diesel engine, I’m squirting mad oil ah”

Cross My Mind

“I was just thinking about you…wondering if you wore the same cologne.” Jill surely knows how to make a man feel like a MAN. I started walking with my back straight, never sloping never round after listening to this song. If you ever wonder how you should approach me, this is how…I wouldn’t mind.

Best line: “How amazing…When you spread my limbs cross continents.”

Said Enough

What’s sexier than Jill Scott and the Isley Brothers? Ron Isley in all of his Mr. Biggs swagger and Jill with that sultry cooing, I can just smell the cologne oozing through the speakers. This song sets the scene. A dark hole in the wall with limited central air, just a few ceiling fans spinning. You’re holding your lover close as the sweat makes you sticky and ripe for the picking.

Best line: “Loving you is righteous.”

Not Like Crazy

This is Jill’s sexiest vocal delivery with its airy falsetto giving Maxwell a run for his money. Crazy is what is. When loving each other that much seems illogical. Yet, it can’t be replicated…yeah crazy. So crazy that it makes too much sense.

Best line: “I’m astounded baby, By your love for me”

Come See Me

In the hot and sweaty midsummer night hour and your thinking about cha baby, put this record on. Your boo thing will magically appear. Okay, maybe not, because finances ain’t what we’d like…but what’s a man to do with these innumerable fires honey.

Best line: “Cuz it’s raining over here on the inside of my womb…”

So Gone (What My Mind Says) feat. Paul Wall

This song is where rachetry meets sophistication. Scott lets us know how it is, what it is and what it will be. And Paul Wall is here to seal the deal. The video personifies the mood while Jill takes her Gazelles off, puffing on a little somethin’ somethin’. Oh the tension between mind and body.

Best line: “That’s what a diamond chip dick do.”

Until Then (I Imagine)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what sex sounds like. Here Jilly from Philly gives her listeners a pure eargasm. Don’t listen to this song for too long because conception is bound to occur. Just when you thought this song couldn’t be any more genius, here comes a new word to enter your lexicon, “dickmatized.” She mutters at the end of the record, “That is nice.” Yes it is Jilly…yes it is.

Best line: “Got me dickmatized and I want some more.”


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