Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Eon Culture Team

E on Culture is truly unique in that it is not only a media outlet, but an organization on the grounds of Georgia State University in the Atlanta community. We have a truly diverse team, primarily consisting of millennials from many different walks of life. We are always recruiting individuals with a passion in: Broadcasting, Film, Journalism, Photography, Videography, Business, Public Speaking, and more. If interested, apply here.

Our mission is to capture entertainment & culture around the U.S. from the millennial perspective. We attend various events around the country to document, interview, and record b-roll footage of the events. We’re constantly looking for new events and opportunities to connect our members with! Browse our site to see some of our content and check the teaser below.

Eon Culture produces a number of web shows and they can be found on our YouTube page and via the preview below

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