Because Everyone Deserves To Know A DJ: DJ Mike Man Is Not Only A DJ, But Also Fights Fire For A Living

Getting To Know A Bit More About Firefighter And DJ- DJ Mike Man

DJ Mike Man

DJ Mike Man was born in Los Angeles- an especially huge market for DJs and other Entertainment Professionals.


However, DJ Mike Man is not just a DJ. He is also a Firefighter.

DJ Mike Man

Growing up, DJ Mike Man would hear the sirens of fire trucks as they passed his house and the excitement would send him rushing outside to see them on their way. Those people he’d seen passing in red trucks as a kid, he later learned, help people for a living. He knew at that moment that he wanted to be a Firefighter. He seriously began to pursue the career at thirteen years old.

Along with respecting your parents- DJ Mike Man shares wise words especially to the youth deciding on careers:


DJ Mike Man like most of us grew up listening to music on the radio. He fell in love with hearing the DJs scratch on-air. His favorite songs right now are Loyalty (Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna) and Hot Sauce (Young M.A.). He especially loves Kendrick Lamar- stating that “Kung Fu Kenny” is from Compton which is where he currently works. As previously mentioned, DJ Mike Man is from L.A. DJ Mike Man also mentions that he especially loves that K. Dot is a ‘lyricist’.

The DJ (and Firefighter) bought his first piece of DJ equipment when he was about seventeen years old. It was a two channel mixer.

He had tested to be a firefighter when he was younger to no avail so when he finally got the letter stating that he was selected for The Fire Academy- he couldn’t contain his excitement. DJ Mike Man became serious about being a Firefighter at thirteen years old and thirteen years later– he is still a Firefighter. He also started DJing in 1999 and is still at it.

I asked DJ Mike Man if he had any advice for Artists, this is it:

Furthermore, it has always been DJ Mike Man’s goal to be a daily on-air mix DJ in L.A. While he admits he is still in pursuit of accomplishing this goal, he did get an opportunity to mix on Real 92.3, a Los Angeles radio station, in 2015 as a Guest DJ during Labor Day weekend.

He is currently a board operator for iHeartMedia LA. He is also an on-air mixer for KJAMZ 105.3 FM. KJAMZ is a Hip Hop and R&B station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can also listen to the show live online every Wednesday at 5 p.m. CST at

With so much responsibility- he likes to spend time with his family, explore new scratch patterns, practice fresh technique, and update his music library to relax.

DJ Mike Man will be releasing The Aftermath 3 this year. The Aftermath 3 is his mixtape series. The Bombshell is the title of his previous mixtape series and it has five volumes. Heard enough? Listen to some of his mixes here:

DJ Mike Man
DJ Mike Man Mixes On SoundCloud via Instagram