Because Everyone Deserves To Know A DJ: Meet DJ ADot Net

DJ ADot Net Talks About DJing in the LGBT Community, Homelessness, and More

DJ ADot Net
First- a moment for the missing.

Now, I am back again with a feature as these drum and snare cadences lead me into Sheryl Crow’s, Long Way Back, this time chatting with DJ ADot Net- or simply DJ ADot. DJ ADot Net was born as Antwanette. Antwanette became known as Net until a friend called her ADot Net and it stuck.

DJ ADot Net always knew she wanted to work in music. It wasn’t until DJ ADot attended Howard University and got to experience the huge D.C. DJ culture that she knew she wanted to DJ though. YouTube videos took over her life and she began to invest in herself by buying equipment, watching others at parties, and practicing in private. This only fed DJ ADot’s passion for DJing. DJ ADot Net, a South Florida native, loves D.C. saying, “it has it’s own culture”.

D.C. is where DJ ADot Net’s career as a DJ truly began to flourish. After DJing in dorms, DJ ADot began to look for gigs around the institution. It was a challenge- and after a year of more private practice, DJ ADot Net landed a position working at a lounge near Howard University. DJ ADot Net went on to DJ a hookah lounge and started throwing her own LGBT parties on Fridays. After connecting with other LGBT promoters- DJ ADot was able to also begin DJing in Baltimore. August will make six years that DJ ADot Net has been DJing.

DJ ADot Net

Check out what DJ ADot Net, who believes you will usually decide a song is a hit after a week or two, said she loves about DJing- CLICK PLAY below:

DJ ADot Net also mentions preparing for a move to California. DJ ADot loves diversity and being able to learn different crowds. She has mostly played for Hip Hop venues, but has also done Latin, Pop, and EDM gigs. Though she worries Cali is too far from her family, she hopes to learn the crowds in California before she expands even more across the nation. DJ ADot Net has some great plans for the future- some of which she shared with me, but I have sworn secrecy until she is in a position to establish them, but they are awesome.

DJ ADot Net

Turning points in DJ ADot Net’s career were instances of wanting to quit, being homeless in D.C. while having family telling her to come back to Florida, having trouble finding gigs, booking gigs with club owners that weren’t paying her worth, and being pushed out of playing at her own party by a promoter with whom she’d been close friends. DJ ADot Net says she keeps a tight knit circle and also learned to minimize distractions. They never said it would be easy, right?

She continues to perfect her craft. DJ ADot- like most of us- respects someone that works and improves- referencing Rihanna and Waka Flocka. She especially encourages Upcoming Artists that are networking with DJs to thoroughly review their music- for authenticity. “Make sure it’s you”, she says. DJ ADot Net’s career has been full of setting a standard for herself and standing up for that standard. Despite her tech hiatus, DJ ADot still has big plans for the future as previously stated and she encourages keeping an eye on her Instagram (link below).