Because Everyone Deserves To Know A DJ: Getting To Know DJ Jay Rock

DJ Jay Rock Opens Up About DJing in the Music Industry, Becoming FBG, and New Projects


I am taken on a voyage as I prepare to give all my focus to typing away in this apartment right outside of Atlanta. Instead of eating this peanut butter cookie, and over-organizing these notes from my brief conversation with DJ Jay Rock, Sammie is leading me into the world of the Blazin R&B 54 mixtape again.


Sammie promises that I can count on him. I still have a bit of my peanut butter cookie, fresh out of the oven, cooling on a paper plate. As I take a bite, I close my eyes. Next, I picture myself with a fellow music lover swaying to the sound. Suddenly, I remember the purpose of sitting at my computer right now- to help you gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to be in the Music Industry from DJ Jay Rock’s perspective.

DJ Jay Rock

DJ Jay Rock is from West Palm Beach, Florida. He was introduced to the art of DJing at about 15 years old. DJ Jay Rock had connected with DJ Ralo of ‘Da Damn Dogs’ DJ crew. He later went on to release his first edition of “Down South Bangers”. He has remained consistent with feeding them to the people.

Lloyd reminds me to find a new approach to an old dream. I reflect on DJ Jay Rock’s answer to one of my questions regarding turning points. DJ Jay Rock learned that people would give their word and not keep it. The DJ caught on quickly to what he was up against working in the Music Industry. He focused completely on himself and took his craft even more seriously. People began to reach out to DJ Jay Rock that had blew him off before when he had reached out to them.
DJ Jay Rock says of the Music Industry- “It’s a different business; it’s a different world”.

The Weekend reminds me of what happens to my face when I’m with you. These experiences painted through Blazin R&B 54 are making me do some serious belly rolls and slow wines while still composing this post. DJ Jay Rock’s comment about this being the most refreshing thing about being a DJ- power- ring in my mind.

DJ Jay Rock finds joy in his power to move a crowd. His power to create opportunities for others is also one of his favorite things about being a DJ. This DJ loves being in a position to help people.

With these experiences around, and in, the Music Industry, DJ Jay Rock can know a hit song after ten to fifteen seconds. He made sure to tell me that he is not God after emphasizing those first few seconds. I didn’t need reminding, but it lightened the mood.

DJ Jay Rock shared a couple of universal components of a hit song too. He says a hit song always has a catchy beat and compelling message. The outspoken DJ goes on to mention how we all have problems. He suggests we prefer to get away from our problems in music- in the energy that possesses us. DJ Jay Rock quickly divulges that he also still believes everyone is special. He named Ace Hood as an Artist that did the opposite and was successful. Ace Hood came up from making music that connected people together that could relate to his struggle.

Jeremih is asking to be told where he’s headed and now I consider DJ Jay Rock’s method of choosing what music he plays in the club. He feeds off of everyone there at the time. He plays all genres in the club in consideration of the crowd.

Nonetheless, DJ Jay Rock selects mostly R&B and Hip Hop songs for his mixtape placements.

Though you can hear DJ Jay Rock’s passion in talking to him, he still made sure to tell me that he is “100% ALL IN”. All he does is DJ- he has no second job. Those close to him know what he does and his ultimate goal for the future. DJ Jay Rock finds it easy to balance his barely existent personal life and constantly calling career as a DJ.

DJ Jay Rock

DJ Jay Rock shares how he had to cut off a lot of people when he started DJing. He said it was necessary for those that had become confrontational because they could not handle his career choice. He says that the fun in being a DJ and being paid to play his music was worth it- and shouldn’t it be?

We began to discuss DJ Jay Rock’s current musical favorites. He eagerly told me that lately he has been feeling both of Future’s latest releases.

DJ Jay Rock became FBG near the end of 2016. He was already a Future fan so being able to work with him still feels ‘surreal’.

Despite all of his commitments as a DJ, DJ Jay Rock maintains a strong online presence. He indicated that he feels he has been able to connect with people most on Instagram over all other social media platforms. He also mentions being fond of Snapchat and Twitter.
DJ Jay Rock’s final comment in response to my question about how he likes to stay connected to his supporters makes me smile. He finished answering saying that he is actually ‘Marshawn Lynch’ when it comes to socializing. Additionally, this antisocial attitude had led to him deleting his previous Instagram page at about 14K thinking it would only deactivate like Facebook.

Swazy is telling me about his Lil Baby.

DJ Jay Rock only gives release dates for albums. He teases the release of Blazin R&B 55 and Down South Bangers 35. Down South Bangers 35 is hosted by the Baton Rouge-born O.G. Boosie.

He showed major Boosie love. He explains some of the respect he has for Boosie as “a real one” came after he saw him at the airport. Boosie admitted to already having known of him. Boosie said he had been listening to work from DJ Jay Rock when he was locked up. Now Boosie is hosting DJ Jay Rock’s Down South Bangers 35 mixtape- that’s full circle.

DJ Jay Rock also mentioned that we should pay attention to Mexico Rann’s projects, including Plantin’ Seeds, which is hosted by Future. Also, be sure to look for them on Future’s Nobody Safe Tour starting this month. The tour also features Migos, Kodak Black, Young Thug, and others.

As an Artist- I can appreciate the words that DJ Jay Rock chose to end our talk with, saying, “grind hard, stay humble, and don’t burn bridges”. Relationships are everything.

Listen to DJ Jay Rock’s advice for Upcoming Artists directly from him by clicking play below: