Because Everyone Deserves To Know A DJ: A Discussion With DJ Wav

DJ Wav Shares Personal Motivation, Goals, and Upcoming Events

DJ Wav

Music was always around DJ Wav as he grew up. However, he only became a professional DJ about two years ago. His passion for music motivated him to take himself seriously.

It was not long before DJ Wav started DJing in his home and at house parties after realizing his desire to DJ. Eventually, he started getting calls from clubs. These calls were a game changer for him. The DJ was suddenly being paid for his passion.

As DJ Wav continued to work to develop as a professional DJ- he lost some relationships with people. Furthermore, he emphasized that some people simply can not handle the lifestyle associated with this career. DJ Wav just keeps working.

DJ Wav never really calls any place home though born in New Jersey. He moved around a lot growing up. However, he is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

DJ Wav shared one of his goals for the next three years too- to DJ at the biggest event in the U.S.A.

DJ Wav

Some DJs would not be as bold- but he is not your ordinary DJ.

He affirmed that he will accomplish his goal sooner than later. It is not really a “long term” goal, he says. He joked that he wasn’t trying to come off cocky either. Still, it is easy to see that he is prepared, and therefore confident, not cocky.

Additionally, he remains focused, and flexible, despite other challenges of staying organized and scheduling effectively. That said- he is looking for an Assistant (For more information, follow him on Instagram at the link below).

You can catch DJ Wav- “creating vibes”- at the After Party of Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 2017 as well as A3C. The Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash is set for June 17, 2017 according to Live Nation and Ticket Master. The A3C Music Festival is scheduled for October 4th through October 8th of this year.

DJ Wav

Listen in as DJ Wav shares his best tip for Upcoming Artists regarding maintaining healthy relationships with DJs:

Respect the DJ.