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DOOM Review

First things first; The Doom series is definitely a staple in gaming. Not only was the original Doom one of the first few “First Person Shooters”, but the game that helped mold and shape the genre. In a sense, ...

Quantum Break Review

A shooter with an original premise, interesting story and enough style to keep you interested, Quantum Break has been hyped and heavily anticipated for good reason. Coming from the creators of the cult hit an...
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Superman Vs Predator

Superman Vs Predator In the comic book world, Marvel and DC Comics are kings. But sometimes it’s easy to forget the companies standing in their shadows. The Dark Horse company has made its bones by givin...
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DC Comics – The Eradicator

The Eradicator On that fateful day when Superman died at the hands of the nigh-invulnerable monster Doomsday, the world lost more than its greatest champion. Superman’s absence created a power vacuum whi...