How to stay awake after a week of work?


Aerial view of computer laptop on wooden table

People who work 7-10 hours a day in the office five days a week consider that the fatigue is a normal and inevitable part of this process. I should resist. Working more than 40 hours a week during many years and feeling that something doesn’t work, one day I asked myself: “Why am I so sleepy during the whole working day”, “Why am I so tired after work and what is more important before work after spending the laziest weekend?” and “Why I am tired all the time?” These three questions made me search for answers. Today I am going to share my experience and the knowledge I’ve got on this with you, my dear readers. Taken together this information, I’ve changed the whole attitude toward the labor process and forgot about weariness that was my Achates for many years.

Minimize stress

The most important discovery is the words of one Eastern yogi and a wise man of our days named Satguru. In short, he said that your work is a way to earn money for your life and this is it. He meant that we should not treat our duties as the most important things in our life. We work to live happily and freely, and we don’t live to work. This thought liberated me form all disputes, intrigues, and rumors. Also, I stopped to be nervous about my mistakes and dissatisfaction from my boss. I found the best essay writing service in USA for some emergency cases when I have too much work to do. I imagined that the worst thing that can happen to me is that I can be fired. And it is not the end of the world. Freedom from anxiety, constant stress and fears gave me a lot of energy that I could use for good at work and with my family.

Make your workplace more comfortable

Then I looked around my worktable. I saw dozens of old invoices and paycheck for coffee from the coffee shop that was nearby my office, some notebooks that I didn’t use for years and tons of other garbage. Moreover, my chair was broken for a long time, and I really didn’t care about this, even when my back was crying with pain. And I spend 40-50 hours a week in this place. It is no wondered that I feel sleepy in this place; my mind was trying to rid of this entire nightmare. I cleaned out my place from all useless papers, asked the administration for a new comfortable chair and took a wonderful pot flower. I felt satisfied.

Make short breaks

Everybody knows about small breaks, but who really do them? It was not easy to inure myself to make pauses after every hour of work. There is the fact that we need only three weeks to adopt any habit? During 21 days at a stretch, I made short pauses after every half or an hour of work with the help of notifications on my smartphone. Now a need to switch my attention from work to some other activity is too high that I don’t even use these notifications anymore.

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Curiously enough that tea and coffee which are full of caffeine increase our fatigability and bleed dry from us in any sense. I used to drink 6-8 cups of these drinks to stay awake, and I was confused that this habit was only filling me with the desire of sleeping all day. I gave up this caffeine dependence trying not to drink tea, coffee or cola during 21 days and it worked. Now I am able to afford a cup of good coffee or a tea evening with my dearest people 2-3 times a week, and I feel great now!

Meditation, sport and walking on a fresh air

I finally asked one of my colleagues about the secret of her brilliant and always fresh look, although we did the same work side by side during several years. She smiled and told me about the influence of meditation and fitness in her life. Do you know that every minute of meditation gives you 10 minutes of rest which is equal to a night sleeping? On top of all, she told me that she walks an hour a day or replace walking with a morning jogging during 20-30 minutes before work. Now I try to add little by little sport and meditation to my daily routine.

Sleep well and increase the quality of your leisure time

I would like to say several final words about the influence of qualified rest on your productivity at work. The first rule for good leisure is to forget totally about all work stuff. Plan something nice and pleasant for a weekend, get away to the country or stay at home for reading and being with your family, go to a cinema or a theatre. Try to spend one day without all homey cares like cleaning or going to a supermarket. Spend your free days with beloved ones in peace and calm. I wish you an active and cheerful work life!