Why Hustle Con Is The Best Conference For Non-Techies


You must’ve heard loads of success stories when it comes to startups. Like when Casper went from $0 to $1 million in sales in their first 30 days business. Or that Pandora became a publicly-traded company even though they ran out of cash in their first two years. Or even how OkCupid used content to acquire millions of new users.

But have you ever wondered how they actually managed to do it? Well, Hustle Con tells you about all the specific strategies these kind of startup founders used to make their companies successful. Hustle Con is a conference focused on non-technical startupers that brings together successful founders to teach them.

Hustle Con 2017 was held on Friday, June 23rd in Oakland, CA. The event took place at the Paramount Theatre: 2025 Broadway Street, Oakland CA 94612. After the attendants arrived around 8:30am, had a splendid breakfast and took their seats, the speakers started. Each talk was between 10 to 25 minutes, so that the addressees get sufficient information, whilst not getting bored listening to one topic for a really long time. There were a few breaks throughout the day, including a half an hour lunch. After the talks, the audience were allowed to hang around together while having a couple of drinks. People really seem to admire the work Hustle Con is doing. This subreddit is proof that it really made an impact.

This conference was aimed for people who

  • want to start a company
  • already have a business that they want to grow
  • want to sharpen their non-technical skill set
  • they’re technical and want to find a non-technical co-founder
  • love hanging out with inspiring and fun people.

An individual ticket included breakfast, snacks, conference attendance, world-class networking, and access to an after party. The price of Hustle Con tickets are kept relatively low as compared to the thousands of dollars other conferences demand in order for you to attend them. This is because Hustle Con wants everyone from investors to startup employees to attend the conference. A total of 2,500 tickets were available.

For additional information, events@thehustle.co is the email to contact.