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Ubisoft’s I Am Alive, released back in Spring on PSN and XBLA is, now coming to the PC.  Set in a post apocalyptic future we follow the life of an unnamed “Everyman” as he traverses the devastated American city of Haventon in search of his wife and child. It has elements of platforming, gunplay and scavenging. The game also featured an intimidation system where you could point an empty gun at somebody and they would back off…then the moment you put the gun down they would forget you have it and start attacking you again. It short the game was an interesting idea but was less than perfect.

However this is an updated release on the PC boasting; higher resolutions, sharper graphics and additional “visual upgrades”. The PC version will also feature two new modes that weren’t present on the console versions. Easy mode which will allows infinite retries and Replay mode which allows you to revisit previously completed levels to uncover more secrets and hidden objects.

I Am Alive will be available for digital download on September 13th for $14.99 on Ubishop, Steam and other digital retailers. If you pre-order the game you’ll get a free copy of Bloody Good Time, Ubisoft’s multi-player game.

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