The Imagine Festival Experience- Everything You Need To Know


This year, the Imagine Music Festival is bringing more activities than you can imagine (pun intended). Apart from listening to awesome music, you get to participate in dozens of other experiences. Take a look at everything this year’s Imagine Festival has to offer:

This year, the festival comes with more transformational workshops than ever before to get you engaged in something truly inspiring. These workshops perfectly synergize with the music to give you a wholesome experience of the festival. Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Permaculture, Aerial Arts, Flow Arts, Mastery of Life, Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Consciousness, Mindfulness, Art are some of the many activities you can take part in.

You can also get to see dazzling performances by acrobats that include The Sky Wheel, Sky Cycle, German Wheel, Aerial Acts, Sway High and Lollipop Lira. The circus acts are sure to leave you with either an ear-to-ear grin or a jaw drop.

Apart from that, visionary artists will be creating spectacular pieces of art throughout the festival grounds.

The festival also features a gigantic splash pool. The pool comes with floaties, interactive art displays and VIP cabanas that are sure to make this the best pool party you’ll ever visit.

Imagine Festival gives you a chance to enjoy the music with a premium table service and the best view of the main stage. To make this happen, SkyDeck Experiences offers the best VIP experience that includes private elevated viewing, private seating, premium wait staff, private air-conditioned bathrooms and many other facilities. The SkyDeck VIP Experience will make sure that you have the time of your life at the Imagine Festival.

VIP ticket holders will be able to relax at the VIP Island at Oceania. It’s the perfect venue to ease up and grab a drink and offers more exclusive activities.

You can also take award-winning boutique fitness classes powered by Exhale that combine spa therapies (massages, facials, acupuncture, nails, waxing) and high-quality fitness lessons (barre, cardio, yoga, HIIT).

This time around, there’s a pre-party at the Imagine Festival as well. You can actually come before the actual event and camp with your friends whilst listening to music at the Silent Disco, which is one of the largest in the country.

SkyPitch FC introduces Football Festival. Where you can enjoy an excellent game whilst listening to music you love. A game takes places at the Campgrounds each day before the festival. You can also indulge in games like ping pong, pool, foosball, field day events and more at the campgrounds before joining the festival.

Imagine Festival is also hosting a fashion show for the first time. The Role Model Fashion Show will choose 30 people based on their role modeling, and they will be granted free weekend passes to the festival.

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