Jobs That Require a Business Communications Degree


Business communication course mainly deals with how one pass information either by writing and speaking appropriately to entice the client at a personal level and as a company at large.

The graduate must have self-esteem, time conscious and sharp in thinking all the time. There are various programs for business communication and some includes, international sales managers, communication managers, technical writers and also public relation experts.

These careers are developed by communication skills as the key pillar. Some of the universities offering business communication include Kaplan University, University of Southern New Hampshire, Strayer University and Argosy University.

The Important Aspect of Business Communication

Business communication degree gives students knowledge on making good communication plans to be used by firms. The student aim at written, spoken and sometimes non-verbal communication in places like public relation, advertising, leadership and also in the use of new technologies.

It is a well-paying career at the moment when technology is high in use. There several careers in business communication. Some of them are:

International Sales Manager

International sales manager directs market works for firms that do business in the global marketplace. Their work entails managing sales group, the creation of new business opportunities, representation, write business plans, communicate with customers and maintain customer relationship in the globe.

They are centered in the U.S, but they are found all over the world dealing with local and international markets. At any provided size of the firm the manager works in, they report back to their superiors and manage a sales group centered in the U.S. and overseas. They are characterized as being on board most of their work time. Their work varies from working in a small firm to a larger one.

Apart from having management and leadership skills, they are perfect for passing information, marketing and offering client services. Being multilingual is always an added advantage and should know overseas trade regulations and the international economy. They must be reliable and organized while on a trip always handling sales group and communicating with clients at any point.

Advertising Strategist

This is an expert who designs and makes visible material for hardcopy and softcopy advertisement. They deal with work of art to pass information either by hand drawing or by use of electronics to create an image of a company’s brand.

The expert meets the customer and make a rough image of the customer’s preference and pass the required message. On this, the client can make necessary changes before the presentation in the market. An advertisement strategists can also look for new projects and propose the design deals. Many of them do their work in studios while others prefer working at home but offers the same services.

They may work at an individual level or as a group depending on their preference and availability of jobs. Advertisement artist studies various courses depending on their field of specialization. The main of it is the graphic design that comprises of, design principles, graphic production, studio art and website design. These programs help learners in developing career portfolios.

These people are explorers in nature looking for new designs to exploit and make their work appealing always. The main requirement for this program includes a high level of creativity, communication skills, computer literacy and time managers.

Promotion Designer

A promotion designer deals with the creation of promotion packages, fliers and also invitations for their customers. Customers are the companies, groups or even an individual. A promotion designer develops an image or a picture that describes a particular thing that needs to be promoted.

The image must be attractive to catch the eyes of a possible client and encourage the purchase of the product or even pay the entry fee. For one to work as a promotion designer, they must have a degree in graphics and art design or any other related course. The person must be an expert in computer programs that include color theory, software programs.

Important computer programs needed includes Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW among others. They combine artistic and advertising skills. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there will be growth in employment of these experts.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager evaluates the needs and services for the products of a company and participates in decision making on how, where and chose the client to buy them and also sets prices for the products.

They unite with the public relation officers, product creators and other staffs for the good of the company. To achieve this needs a lot of personal skills.

Marketing Managers are outstanding in collecting information and passing that information appropriately to the company stakeholders.

Event Planner, Lobbyist and Sales Representative

An event planner ensures that everything needed for reception, accommodation and transportation of guests in an event or a meeting is properly set for the comfort and well-being of their guest.

They are time conscious and detail-oriented. A lobbyist is a communicator whose primary work is to speak for the company. They are persuasive and understands legal procedures for legislators to act in the interests of the company. They may have some knowledge of political science. Sales Representative is an intermediary in a company. They work for bigger companies and sells products to dealers or other firms.

Their main duties are to persuade customers on the benefits of selling a product and how it will earn them a lot of income hence getting other aims. They never sell the product in a small amount. All these jobs require people talented in persuasion during communication and people with great self-esteem.

Other Careers

Human Resource Expert is a person responsible for the worker’s well-being. They train, interview, employ a job seeker, enlighten the employee on the mission and vision of the company.

A producer deals on business that is related to acting in movies, managing TV shows, stage productions and even computer software. An attorney is a person who deals on representing their customers in civil legal offences and criminal in courts.This requires on to be informed of various laws and regulations.

All these jobs require good communication skills and adequate information about the job and company. There are many other faculties in business communications.

Article written with insights from Ronn Torossian, the CEO of 5W Public Relations