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Eon Culture Is Capturing & Shaping Culture

We are always looking to expand our team to continue with our mission. If you want to be a part of a game changing team, apply here now & read more about us!

What We Aim For

Eon Culture is truly unique in that it is not only a media publication, but an organization on the ground in the Atlanta community. We have a truly diverse team, primarily consisting of millennials from many different walks of life. We are always recruiting individuals with a passion in: Broadcasting, Film, Journalism, Photography, Videography, Business, Public Speaking, and more. Whether you’re local or not, if you’re interested in being involved but don’t know how, just drop us a line and let us know what you do!

What We Seek

Eon Culture’s team consists of individuals who are selected based on a combination of talent, passion for culture, and experience. We are culture-seekers, always looking for the next interesting and engaging experience to produce a story on. Your skills and talents can be exercised and expanded upon by joining the Eon Culture team. The wonderful thing about being a part of the team is that you get to choose what cultural experiences you’d like to be a part of-we just ask that in joining the team, you contribute to shaping and capturing culture.

Why Join Eon Culture

With the variety of content we create, cultural experiences we capture, and events we hold there are opportunities for growth and expansion for everyone. Your voice can be heard through a number of forms of media in the industries, events, and festivities you care about most. By joining Eon Culture, we will help you take several steps closer to being fully immersed in the cultural experiences that are most appealing to you. We also keep a library of works on your behalf. All the work you do with Eon Culture will be documented and kept for you as items you can add to your portfolio. For any film related projects you participate in, you will be listed in the credits as well.

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