Bobby Huntley’s ‘La Vie Magnifique de Charlie’ Amazes At Bronze Lens


A screening of the indie film ‘La Vie Magnifique De Charlie’ written, directed, and produced by Bobby Huntley & Nikki Wade took place at the Bronze Lens Film Festival 2017. The film, written by Bobby Huntley and Nikki Wade; stars Kortnee Price, Lailaa Brookings, and Nikki Lashae.

The story revolves around a girl named Charlie (Kortnee Price), who has to deal with the ill-timed death of her beloved sister Brandy (Ashley S. Evans) and retain the carefree approach she used to have. With the help of her friends (Lailaa Brookings and Nikki Lashae), she goes on to complete a series of tasks left as a parting message by her late sister.

La Vie Magnifique De Charlie
Kortnee Price stars as “Charlie”

Watch the trailer for the film below:

Thanks to a script that emphasizes its main characters struggle to cope with the loss of her sister with the loving support of her friends ‘La Vie Magnifique de Charlie’ exceeds expectations as a gripping and riveting display of love, friendship, and the struggles of being a young adult. Kortnee Price does an excellent job as Charlie; you can feel the emotions Charlie is going through as she tries to find herself again after the loss of her sister.

This film also features a great comedic undertone, taking a heavy situation and showing that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Charlie’s friends, especially “Panda Kitty” (played by Nikki Lashae) is the life of the party and brings an undeniable energy to the film as well as her friends. Her other close friend “Kayla” (played by Lailaa Brookings) is the amazing and caring friend who sticks by your side to make sure you’re ok.

After the main screening, the audience heard from Bobby Huntley and the cast about what made the movie great, their experiences working together on set, and the journey of making “La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.”

Check out our photos below of the cast and crew. Familiarize yourself with these faces, because you’ll be seeing much more from them. (Image source – Ray Cornelius):

Nikki Wade and Bobby Huntley
Nikki Wade and Bobby Huntley
Khadija Copeland
Laura Pointdexter
Towanda Kilpatrick







Ashley S. Evans
Lailaa Brookings


Kai N. Ture
Priah Ferguson




Bobby Huntley with his mother


Kortnee Price
Nikki LaShae
Nadej Bailey
Khadija Copeland


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