Make 2016 Your Year for Self Care


As we all embrace 2016, many are contemplating how they’re going to lose weight or get into better shape. Although you might need a reminder to practice self care of the mind as well. Self care is more than just eating healthy, washing and getting exercise; it’s mental health too. De-stressing, relaxing, and taking ‘you’ time are all extremely effective ways to make 2016 your year for self care, and lead others by example as we lead lives filled to the brim with stress.

Take Baths

We all probably stopped taking baths around ten or eleven; whenever we learned to shower. Except now we’re wondering, why? They are extremely beneficial to your body and your mind. The hot water relaxes your muscles and can de-stress your neck, limbs, and other aching points earned by your nine-to-five. Bath bombs, bubble bath and of the like are also a form of calming aromatherapy, and even moisturize so you get to make more calluses tomorrow! The wonders of a bath never cease, and it can take simply warm water and old school bubbles to dissolve stressful thoughts.
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Do Something You Love Once a Day

This one can be hard. You might know what you love to do, but believe you don’t have the time to do it. Choose a small task and like all the others throughout the day, complete it. The catch is that you have to set aside time for it, and like it. If you have kids it might be reading to them, watching a show with your partner, or eating a piece of cake. If you want to take selfies in the mirror while dancing, go for it! Doing one thing you love each day can help you look forward to the next day. It keeps you out of a rut, and unless you are a cat, constant routine can get tedious.

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Stay In Touch With Friends

Through the craziness of our lives, it really can be hard to even text our friends. He’s busy here and they’re busy there. It gets hectic but staying in touch can be your escape. When you want to go out and get away from it all, they’ll be there. To go on Mcdonald’s runs at midnight and go skiing or hiking. Eventually we will all need a shoulder to cry on or vent, so it might as well be someone who will understand right?

Give Yourself Reminders

Whether they’re little notes scrawled on your hand or the original sticky note. Messages from yourself can remind you of things almost forgotten or even giving yourself a compliment can boost your self esteem and confidence throughout the day. It’ll make you feel like you’re in control. For example, telling yourself “You are doing great” can really strike a smile. Self compliments aren’t selfish but instead the best way to keep yourself grounded and away from that heavy weight feeling.

 Know You’re Never Alone

Especially after the holidays and as we step into a new beginning, there can be a lot of downsides that you could start to dwell on. Your job, your friends, your family,ect. All of these can whirl around you like a tornado that will never reach Oz. This can lead to feeling alone and eventually anxious, stressed or depressed. It seems cliche, but knowing that you aren’t alone is the best feeling. There’s somebody somewhere that you can talk with, so you don’t have a constant internal battle.

Self Care is immensely important to anyone’s new beginning. Making sure your mind isn’t getting neglected while your body is being pampered is extremely important to health as well. Now go out there and embrace the world as a healthy you!

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  1. We recently bought a house after spending 3 years at an apartment with just a standing shower. Our house has a bathtub and we are really taking advantage of it. I fully support all these ideas, but especially taking baths. It’s relaxing and rejuvinating, and helps with muscle tension.