News Alert: Strong Arm Robbery on Clarkston Campus


Last Friday there was a strong arm robbery on the Clarkston Campus of GSU Perimeter. This occurred at 10:50 pm in parking lot five after a high school football game. The victims were two non-GSU individuals. The juvenile victims were robbed of a cellphone and shoes. The attackers were 10 to 15 individuals all dressed in red. Acting chief of GSU police, Carlton Mullis, says that they are unsure whether the colors are school colors, gang-related, or something else, but there is an ongoing investigation in which they are actively looking for suspects.
A strong arm robbery is one in which the perpetrator uses physical force to take something from the victim. Hundreds of students call Clarkston Campus home and when violent crime hits close to home it is always a frightening event. Elizabeth Hernandez, a student at the Clarkston campus, says, “I was shocked. I never thought that would happen here, not in Clarkston.” No one ever thinks it will happen in such proximity, but this event is proof that it can. Officer Mullis has met with Dekalb County School Systems about stepping up security in the area. Elizabeth states that she would like to see possibly more officers and more experienced officers on campus so that she may feel safe.

Some tips from Officer Mullis in order to stay safe on campus are to stay in groups and stay in well-lit areas. Remember the various callboxes that are located around the parking lots as well.  This article will be updated as details become available.  If you have information regarding this incident, call the following numbers:

Campus Police: 404-413-2100
Campus Tip Line: 404-413-3211

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