No Space Pooping or Puking On Blue Origin Jeff Bezos reveals new rules….

blue origin

You might be a lover of space adventures, but these new rules will pose a little hinge, not unless you’re clear before getting aboard. while planning to go on a space vacation on Amazon boss, Jeff bezos, blue origin’ spacecraft, here are some things to consider….

If you are one of those extremely wealthy individuals, looking to grab an opportunity for a ride on the “blue origin”, It might be of relevant interest for you, to know that there’ll be no available bodily function services, on the blue origin spacecraft. Yes, that means no pooping,  no peeing and certainly no throwing up.

Jeff bezos, while speaking at the 33rd annual space symposium, dishes out some advice,  for intending tourist on ‘what to do’ before getting on board.

In his words’ the whole trip from boarding until landing back on the ground, is really just about 40 to 41 minutes, eating a small portion of breakfast not large’ before your trip, would do you a lot of good and make sure to use the loo in advance. You could experience slight dehydration if you’ve got a weak bladder but you’ll be fine.

He reassured attendees, at the space symposium, ” that bathroom breaks’ is not a necessary cause for worry to the company, as it is a relatively short trip, not enough to cause much if any distress to the stomach. about 30 minutes of the whole exercise will be on the ground, with the main trip to space taking approximately 11 minutes. A couple minutes of self-restriction, wouldn’t be so bad as space travelers don’t throw up ever so soon. so you’ll certainly be fine.

However to be blameless, he did, mention that some people might experience stress triggers that may effect in letting out of liquid or solid waste. That would result in a herky-jerky flight for everyone. But 40 minutes isn’t too much of time to be able to hold it.