Project Godus Fully Funded


    So Project Godus, the Kickstarter funded game made by 22 Cans, is finally fully funded. It’s been a really close call with the £450,000 goal only just being reached with only 44 hours to go. It was touch and go there for a moment  but Project Godus will be getting the go ahead. Damn, that means I actually have to pay some money!

    Well a couple of hours ago 22 Cans announced the stretch goals for the game, they’re quite low targets so the funding might reach it:

    • At £460,000 3 additional single and multiplayer game modes will be unlocked.
    • At £475,000 the ability to begin your own sect will be unlocked. It’ll be similar to creating clans and each member will benefit when your sect is successful.
    • At £485,000 James Leach will be unlocked. Okay not really; at £485,000 James Leach will write the single player story. He’s a BAFTA award winning writer behind the stories and script of Black and White, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Theme Hospital and Populous: The Beginning
    • At £500,000 multiplayer CO-OP and POSSESSION MODE will be unlocked. Allowing you to play through single player with a friend but you’ll also have two vs two online battles. Possession mode is similar to the possession spell in Dungeon Keeper where you enter a first-person mode and explore the world that way.
    • At £550,000 both Linux and the OUYA console will be supported. Lots of people want to be able to play this on Linux but I’m surprised about the announcement of OUYA support.

    Interested? Check out the Godus Kickstarter page.