The Faces Behind the Videogame Voices: Part 4


Well this is unexpected! A couple of years ago we published a series of articles detailing voice actors behind famous videogame characters; The Faces Behind the Videogame Voices: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have picked such a cumbersome title, yes we know. At any rate; back when we were doing this we noticed that the gaming industry has quite a limited number of voice actors, games will often feature the same talent and those that don’t will have obscure actors that wouldn’t make for a good article, so we figured we couldn’t keep going and not repeat ourselves and the series was indefinitely postponed.

Well it’s been a couple of years now; we’ve seen new games come and go, several new consoles launched and some past gems discovered. So join us yet again we take a look at those illusive faces behind the videogame voices, PART 4!


Noah Watts – Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III

Also known as Ratonhnhaké:ton (because more names should include colons in them) he’s half Native American who hates injustice and longed to leave the valley in which he grew up. His mother was killed when he was young and he wishes vengeance of those that killer her, which just so happens to be Templars. He eventually was trained as an assassin and took the name Connor to more easily travel through colonial circles, later joining with Patriot forces in the American War of Independence for the quest of liberty.

So Where Else Have I Heard that Voice?

Noah Watts in a Native American from the Crow tribe with from Blackfeet ancestry; you may not know it but there is a thriving Native American cinema scene and that is where he really hit his stride. In 2002 he appeared in The Slaughter Rule where he played Waylon Walks Along and most of the lines where in the Blackfoot language, then he was in Skins (unrelated to any TV series of the same name) where he played a young devoted son called Herbie Yellow Lodge while in 2004 Skinwalkers he played a troubled teen/gang leader called Ruben Maze.

A few bit parts later he stars in Walking on Turtle Island in 2009, appears on Sons of Anarchy also in 2009 and in 2011 lands a rather large part in Ringer as Daniel Eknath. He gets another part in Monster Mountainin 2012 before becoming the voice actor for Connor. He’s done no other previous voice work (other than Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation) so it’ll be interesting to see if his career will change after his performance.

Here he is as Cesar Soto getting tortured by police in CSI: Miami. Since when did police brutality become applauded in media?


Jim Cummings – The Terror Mask from Splatterhouse (2010)

Say what you like about Splatterhouse (2010) gameplay wise but the actual voice acting in the game was always top-notch. A wonderfully dark character the Terror Mask was a constant companion throughout the game, giving advice and hints one second and then torturing and mocking poor Rick in the next. And that voice…ooohhh it just gives me chills!

So Where Else Have I Heard that Voice?

Question: What do the following have in common; a Mardi Gras float designer, a river boat deckhand and the drummer for the rock band Fusion? Answer: they’re all jobs once held by Jim Cummings. Mr Cummings (heh, “Mings”) and his family moved from New Orleans to California in the early 80’s where he took over a video store. In 1984 he decided to start doing voice acting and was extremely lucky in getting noticed by somebody at Disney ending up working on several Disney TV shows (Dumbo’s Circus, Ducktales) and in 1988 he became the official voice to Winnie the Pooh in the short Winnie the Pooh Friendship: Tigger-ific Tales I should also probably mention he does the voice for Tigger too.

Of course that was back in the 80’s and he now has over 20 years of voice work under his belt and wide and varied résumé. Of course he’s kept doing multiple works for Disney with loads of Winnie the Pooh appearances and he is also the voice for Pete, Goofy’s friend/rival, in Goof Troop and various other titles. He voiced Dr Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog (SamAM TV series), Cat from CatDog, Taz from Taz Mania and is still going with his latest work being Grandpa Earl in the upcoming Miles Across the Sea

As you can see in the following video he’s done a lot of great cartoon shows over the years.


Melissa Hutchison – Clementine from The Walking Dead

Clementime is the heart and soul of Telltale Game’s The walking Dead. She’s a young child without anybody to protect and comfort her; the role of her guardian falls upon Lee and by extension the player. A polite child and extremely smart this vulnerable little girl managed to worm the way into many people’s hearts. A contrast against the response people normally have with children forced upon heroes in films and in games.

So Where Else Have I Heard that Voice?

Well first off I’m extremely surprised that she isn’t a child actor. Nope, Melissa Hutchison is actually 37 year-old woman from Missouri. She grew up performing in theatre but when she got older she ended up in the service industry. Fed up with the daily humdrum she decided to go back into acting but remembering her fondness for cartoon characters (who she use to impersonate) decided to focus on voice acting.

She’s done numerous adverts (as most voice actors have) but in 2002 he entered the videogame industry with Superman: The Man of Steel where she screamed a bit. After that she was Alicia Winston in Time Crisis 3, Pandora in Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil and Maebelle in Shining Force EXA. In 2007 she appears in her first Telltale game Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa as Stinky and apparently she must have impressed because the character keeps coming back and she’s also Trixie Trotter in Back to the Future: The Game. Outside of Telltale Games she’s also Anna Graham in Deadly Premonition and Merlina in Sonic and the Black Knight. Honestly didn’t think those last two games could be possibly related…isn’t trivial fun? She’s also apparently working on an upcoming animated series called The Space Racers however I can’t find anything about it at the time of writing.

She can sing too, as shown in the next video.


Brian Bloom – Jackie Estacado from The Darkness II

A surprisingly improved sequel The Darkness II saw the return of Jackie Estacado, an Italian mob boss that ended up with a soul eating demon in his, um, shoulder blades. A character that is willing to go the extra mile for those he loves, but at the same time fearful that his soul will be eternally dammed by the use of the Darkness’ powers. I should probably point out that Brian Bloom didn’t do the voice of Jackie in the original game, that was Kirk Acevedo.

So Where Else Have I Heard that Voice?

A child actor Brian Bloom managed to hit the big time in 1983 landing a starring role in the soap As the World Turns but left in 1987 due to harsh schedules. He then appears in a plethora of TV movies and guest appearances in TV series such as Matlock, Bandit: Bandit Bandit (that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s the title), Melrose Place, Oz and CSI: Crime Scene Investigate.

In 2003 he does voice work in Sealab 2021 and then does videogame work in 2004 with EverQuest II. From there his career just expands with numerous voice acting jobs like Kleiver in Jak 3, Guzzo in Call of Duty 3, Kane from Kane and Lynch, Jet Brody in Fracture, Alex Shepherd  in Silent Hill: Homecoming, Varric in Dragon Age II and many others.  You may also recognise him as Pike from The A Team film.

Here he is in the direct to video film Vampirella which isn’t a porno surprisingly.


Stephen Merchant – Wheatley from Portal 2

Wheatley is a personality core designed to be attached to GlaDOS (whose voice actor we covered in a previous list) and is on a quest to escape Aperture Science. To do this he needs a little help, okay a lot of help, because Wheatley…Wheatley is an idiot. A lovable idiot maybe but he does almost get Chell killed multiple times before he went a tad insane.

So Where Else Have I Heard that Voice?

Well if you’re English you’ve probably heard him telling you about how great Barclays’ banks are. Anyway Stephen Merchant is a comedian by trade who ended up working with Ricky Gervais on XFM radio in the late 90’s. He would continue his partnership with Gervais co-writing a little know show called The Office back in 2001, then again in 2005 with Extras and again in 2011 with Life’s too Short.

He had small roles in all of the above but he’s a major part of the The Ricky Gervais Show a pod-cast come TV series that became the most downloaded podcast in the world according to Guinness World Records in 2006. He voiced one of the leads in the animated film Gnomeo & Juliet while also having some minor roles in Hot Fuzz, Run Fat Boy Run, Green Wing and Hall Pass. He’s currently on tour with a new stand-up titled Hello Ladies where he laments about not being successful with the fairer sex.

We now have an interview with Merchant being his usual charming self.

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