Vibrations Event Buffalo


When was the last time you had a four day music festival in your town? Vibrations is an annual event held in Buffalo, NY that features music, art, as well as advice and words of encouragement when it comes to those entering the entertainment industry. Day 1 of this event was the panel discussion of five established professionals in entertainment and four out of the five are from Buffalo. The panelist consist of Tim B, a celebrity stylist, Adri-V, multimedia personality, Shawn Barron, Vice President and A&R of Atlantic Records, Keyz, a Grammy nominated producer and Taj-tpk, a director as well as photographer and creative director from Los Angeles. Of all the amazing things that were said in this panelist discussion, a few major points stood out. Taj-tpk,  who has done work with a variety of artist such as Swiss Beats, JLO, Rihanna, Rick Ross and many more mentioned  the importance of traveling and seeing the world because the more you travel, the more you have to work with and more things you can use for inspiration. Adri-V talked about the importance of engaging in your audience through social media. She explained having people simply like and follow your page is only half the battle. You have to ask yourself how you can transform people who are following you into buying into your brand and support your event. That was only a few words of wisdom amongst many other wise statements that were made.

Day 2 of this event consisted of dozens of performers competing to win the top spot at the main event. The room was filled with musical and artistic talent. We had the chance to see our local Buffalo talent take the stage such as Maya By Name, Hefe Boss Up and many more. They put on a fantastic show!

Day 3 of the Vibrations event was a full celebration with musical talent taking the stage once again. Some of the names featured in the headlines where Scabby Sousa, Baja, Beach Boy Nino, The Easy and many more. Concluding day 3 of the Vibrations event was the very talented Rotimi who stars in the well known show Power. His amazing performance left the crowd highly pleased. Everyone was so kind and talented in their own special way.

The final day of the Vibrations event, everyone was able to get together one last time and network in an environment a little more relaxed. The event featured leisurely activities such as painting, board games, and video games. The events success caught the attention of the city mayor Byron Brown who was so pleased with the event he decreed January 12th as Vibrations day. With an official holiday, the success of Vibration is sure to continue in years to come