WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday – GIRL GAZE Femme Pop Up Art Show

Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult
Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult
Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult
Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult

These days I look forward to my weekends more than ever before. Once upon a time the party scene consumed my weekends. Faithfully, every Friday and Saturday I would end up at some club with great music and awesome drinks.

It is an extremely bittersweet feeling. Partly bitter because I feel my age ( ..and a lady never tells) and partly because, well that just isn’t my scene anymore. Mostly SWEET because I spend the majority of my time these days becoming more cultured and getting to know the local artist in Dallas. I have literally fallen in love with the city and all that it has to offer.

On Saturday January 21 from 12p – 6p I along with two of my friends will be attending GIRL GAZE, a continued series of femme pop up art shows. It is a hybrid art show/installation curated in a house featuring work made almost entirely by female artists. In a world where perspective is dictated through the male gaze, this show offers a tongue in cheek insight into “girl world” through a balance of both beauty and discomfort: the depth and bond of female friendship, the influence of media on the shaping of our identity, worthiness, beauty standards, the struggle of comparisons, sexuality, menstruation, and mental illness. Cant enjoy art without feeding the other senses, so champagne, treats, music, and other surprises will be available at the show.

Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult
Girl Gaze Neighborhood Cult

Sponsored by: The Greenhouse 817 & located at 1821 Clover Lane Ft. Worth, TX | the Greenhouse 817 is a botanical design studio located in Fort Worth, Texas. “We’re not your traditional florist with boring red roses in glass vases. We create custom arrangements incorporating vibrant & unique flowers, atypical designs, and unusual asymmetrical containers. If you’re looking for arrangements that are fresh, unique, and modern, you’ve come to the right place.”





                                                            A R T I S T S :

Brie Underhill
Betsey Gravatt
Alex Stock
Lita Bush
Elizabeth Ashley Johnson
Jana Renee
Olivia Cole
Kelsha Spencer
Lindsay Ellary
Andrea Belmontes
Monica Wright
Kate Stipp
Brittany Shaban

Hosted by Neighborhood Cult Productions

JOIN THE CULT: Neighborhood Cult Productions is a homegrown business from Fort Worth, TX. It aims to create innovative, interactive art/music fusion shows showcasing upcoming talent and contributing to the further development of the local art movement. In contrast to the traditional, high brow art society, these shows are inspired by the attitude and culture of street art, and anti-art of Dadaism wherein the environment is 50% of the experience. We aim to push boundaries, seek out unconventional locations, and function as an alternative “gallery”. NC puts on experimental art/music fusion events showcasing upcoming artists and musicians alike through boundary pushing conceptual shows.

contact: sarahembooking13@gmail.com for interest in being a participating artist, band, or volunteer for a Neighborhood Cult event.

Featured GIRL GAZE artist: Kelsha Spencer uses feminism and black culture as her sources of inspiration. Kelsha studies secondary and higher education with a focus of english and visual arts at Texas Tech University. This will be her first art show! Extremely happy for you girl, cant wait to see all of your amazing work live and in color.

Girl Gaze Neighborhood CultNeighborhood Cult featured GIRL GAZE artist: Brittany Shaban is an accomplished photographer whose work has been produced in DFW magazines, such as Austere and Method Seven. Her range includes a bright, hyper-focused perspective that is ripe with wit and depth, as well as a background in Fashion Merchandising where she has done slick, fashion editorials with a darker aesthetic. We are overjoyed to feature this multitalented artist!


Girl Gaze Neighborhood CultNeighborhood Cult Productions featured GIRL GAZE artist: Andrea Elizabeth Belmontes, whose work was previously in “Don’t Call Me Baby“, is a DFW painter. Her paintings and portraits are luscious claims of the female form, unapologetically depicting subject matter like female masturbation and menstruation, while finding a balance between grit and beauty

..and of course if for any reason you aren’t able to make this event i will be streaming live on facebook/instagram and there will be recaps on my snapchat.

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