The Weeknd Invites Drake At His Concert In Their Hometown Toronto

NOTTINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 16: Drake and The Weeknd perform onstage during a date of Drakes "Nothing Was the Same" 2014 World Tour at Nottingham Capital FM Arena on March 16, 2014 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Ollie Millington/WireImage)

While performing for a concert at his hometown Toronto, The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) invited fellow Torontonian Drake as a surprise for his fans. Drake made an appearance at the tail end of the first of the two shows on Friday night, May 26. The show was being held at Air Canada Centre sports arena, Toronto, Ontario for his ‘Legend of the Fall’ Tour.

After performing his critically acclaimed songs Can’t Feel My Face and I Feel It Coming, The Weeknd welcomed Drizzy who appeared in the darkness on the lengthy runway beneath the “Starboy Starship”- a seemingly jet-shaped overhead lighting rig. As the lights were about to come on, the audience roared in unanimity as they knew something extraordinary was about to happen. The Weeknd soon let Drake take the spotlight whilst remaining on the main stage in front of his band. Drake continued to build up the enthusiasm of the fans by saying, “I just want to know, is the greatest city in the world in the motherf—ing building tonight, yes or no?”, which was clearly a success judging by the tremendous roar in response.

Drake continued his speech by praising his fellow singer:

“I came out here for one reason and one reason only: to support one of the most important artists of this generation. He goes by the name of The Weeknd. We started this OVO XO shit together, and we can never let it die.

Drake then called his OVO crewmember Baka to join him in his performance, “We need to do it like Las Vegas,” he said, before taking on the single ‘Gyalchester’ from More Life. After a while, he asked the crowd to cheer for Baka as he left the stage for Drake to perform alone.

Alright, can I get the whole city to sing along with me on this next shit?” he said to screams, as the music for “Fake Love” started. I wanna here everybody from the top down to the bottom.” And they did, shouting back every line. And there you have it, the greatest city in the motherf—in’ world.”

Finally, after the five-minute performance the Weeknd shared a big hug with Drake as he exited the stage while the crowd continued to praise the pleasant surprise.

Source: Billboard